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"When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates."

         - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

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As published in Brandedgupshup Magazine

-Interview at Radio Playback India

Interview at international magazine SETU

अनुराग: आप कहानियों की दुनिया में कैसे आईं?

उषा: स्नातकोत्तर करने के बाद मैंने हिंदी एम फिल में दाखिल ले लिया और मेरा शोध मुंशी प्रेमचंद की मानसरोवर की कहानियों पर आधारित था। धीरे-धीरे मैंने कहानियों की दुनिया में प्रवेश किया। मेरे विद्यालय का पुस्तकालय मेरा संसाधन स्रोत था। मैंने कितनी ही कहानियाँ वहाँ पढ़ डाली। बच्चों से सम्बंधित कई अच्छे लेखक एवं लेखिकाओं की कहानियाँ पढ़ीं। मैंने अब अपने कक्षा के विद्याथियों को अभिनय कर, अलग अलग पात्र बनकर कहानियाँ सुनाना आरम्भ किया। धीरे-धीरे मेरा आत्मविश्वास बढ़ता गया। अब मुझे लगने लगा कि मैं बाहर भी कहानियाँ सुना सकती हूँ ताकि स्कूल से बाहर भी बच्चे इससे लाभान्वित हो सके। अब मैं कई जगह अभिनय करके कहानियाँ सुनाती हूँ, जिससे कि कहानियाँ बच्चों के मानसपटल पर अंकित हो जाती हैं। Read more...

Developing Creative Skills Through Hindi Rhymes- Covered by Tell-A-Tale

Wheneverp arents, grand-parents, teachers or just about anyone offers to tell a story, children are ready to hear it. What is it about the stories that all children are so fond of them?
Here I would like to point that it is not just children, but even adults are fond of listening to and reading stories. The protagonist of the story might be a living person such as a king, or a non-living entity such as a pencil. Stories transport us into a different world. Sometimes we even come across characters in these stories that reflect our own personality, with whom we can identify. We laugh with the characters and we cry with them. Some stories have the power to answer some of the most complex questions in our lives. Others take us to an imaginary land from where we never want to come back. People look for different ways to unwind and destress, traveling far and near to do so. But, all it takes to unwind, is a good story. Read more...

Interview at World Book Fair

Media Coverage

Interview By 'Curious Hounds'

Trust an interviewer to string a series of vignettes to form a cohesive and interesting story. Feeling really elated today to have my interview published in #CuriousHounds, an online magazine that explores unique ideas. Through this interview, I got a chance to look back on my service of 23 years and the efforts I made to diversify my work, and in service of a cause that I believe is extremely important, that is reinvigoration of children's interest in Hindi, as a language rich with culture. This gives me a deep sense of satisfaction, which is what has made every effort worth it.
पीछे मुड़कर देखा, मुस्कराकर सोचा...
चलना ही जिंदगी है, चलता चल मुसाफ़िर।

Read the interview here 

Tak Dhina Dhin

Mrs. Usha Chhabra beautifully captures small moments of life in the two books of the series of ताक धिना धिन each comprising of 8 poems along with an attached audio CD in which each poem is sung beautifully. The poems are based on everyday topics which children can identify with and relate to. The poems touch upon the innocence of children and the way they see life. The book aims to paint the canvas of children’s life with colours of joy, happiness and fun. The language is simple and will be easily understood by children as young as 4 or 5 years of age. Surely, it is a perfect gift for a child. Read full review here


To order a copy, write to chhabrausha@gmail.com   

September 2018- FEAST video conference of storytellers from the world

It was a fantastic experience to participate in 'Swop the story' programme conducted by FEAST through video conference, learning so much from everyone present over there. 
Though due to heavy rains at that time in Delhi, the bandwidth was unstable , nevertheless could manage to tell my story 'Dumdum Ki Kursi' for a while . Sharing a glimpse ...

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Interview by Nirupama Vyas- Click Here

Interview by Nirupama Vyas-

Usha Chhabra is a power house !! An Author, Performance Story Teller and a Teacher Trainer, she does things that make her happy. She started as a Teacher with Delhi Public School, Rohini.

As an Author she has Authored Hindi text books and Poetry Books for children.

She is a performance story teller by passion and weaves stories into such an interesting and lively form that it attracts not only young kids but also grown up teens.

All in all she's a person who's energy rubs on to you to do something great.

She has risen up at every stage in her life and that's why she is our Rising Star this week!!!

View the video here-https://www.facebook.com/ownupyourgreatness/videos/244794952855286/