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Workshops for Parents

December 2018

Teachers' and Parents' session on Art of Storytelling

Katha is an Indian non-profit organization that seamlessly connects grassroots work in education and urban resurgence to bring children living in poverty into reading and quality education. For the past three decades, the organisation has been empowering children to become agents of change in their communities, through quality education, teachers' training, and world-class book publishing.  

On Katha’s 30th year of celebration KATHA UTSAV 18, many teachers and parents were addressed on the topic ‘Art Of Storytelling’. Two stories of Katha publications were enacted and various strategies of storytelling were discussed.


The glimpse can  be seen here:

February 2019

A special moment truly, to have the privilege of coming on National channel of television (DD National ) at the interactive talk show  under the programme 'New India Sankalp' and 'Pariksha Pe Charcha' and speaking about the issue of examination induced stress. Thank you so much Doordarshan and NCERT for presenting to me this opportunity as a complete surprise and making sure that the right stakeholders talk about this issue. 

March 2021

An online three days workshop was organised for parents and teachers on the occasion of the third anniversary of The Teacher's Hub (a one stop solution for the education of children) on the topics: Developing Creativity in Children, The Beautiful World of Storytelling and The Value of Money. All sessions were appreciated by the attendees.


Watch the videos here

June 2021

A workshop on Time Management 

A workshop on time management was done for teenagers and adults. It was an interactive session where the participants were asked to tell their problems which they face in their daily lives due to lack of time- management. They were told how to do backward planning, how to prioritise their work and how to make a time-table.It was liked by everyone present there.