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Workshops for Students

June 2016



Creative writing workshops were conducted at centres of the NGOs Bal Sahyog, Connaught Place, New Delhi and SAKSHI, Gurgaon and a series of workshops for five consecutive days at National Bal Bhavan, New Delhi.

Children of ages 8-16 attended these workshops. Various audio-visual prompts were given and children responded encouragingly to them by coming up with stories and poems from their vivid imagination. This was an activity aimed at bringing out their creative sides.

December 2017

Workshop for children at DPS Rohini on Waste management.

November 2018

Hindi Poetry Writing Workshop
A Hindi poetry writing workshop was conducted for the children. Children were given exposure to different styles of writing poetry. Many pictures and words were given as a stimuli to motivate children to write poems. After the session all of them wanted to recite their poems. 

April 2019
A storytelling cum creative writing workshop was taken at Bangalore. Children listened to the beautiful stories and later on made their own stories with the help of various visual prompts. 

June 2019


Workshop on  Storytelling and Creative Writing at National Museum

A four days Workshop was organised during the summer camp by National Museum. It was real fun to be with children telling stories of different types such as mythological stories, stories from Panchatantra , Folktales of India and stories of wit and humour.

The creative writing session included storywriting, poetry writing, ad making and riddles making. The activiteis were designed in a way so that maximum utilisation of the museum galleries could be done. It was a different experience altogether.

June 2019


Workshop on  writing stories and their presentation at CIET, NCERT

CIET, NCERT organised a fifteen day Summer programme for children on Digital literacy and Multimedia out of which three days were focussed on writing original stories. Children were trained by me in developing good stories and in voice modulation to make their presentation impressive. These stories were then recorded in audio and video format.