Courses Offered

Learn Hindi from scratch

This course is aimed at both kids and adults who are struggling with learning Hindi. While structured in a way to be adaptable according to the needs of the student, this course is ideal for anyone who wants to start with basic grammar to facilitate conversations in Hindi. In an easy-to-grasp way, non-Hindi speakers will be introduced to Hindi through engagement with books, stories, songs, poems, games and videos. Divided into modules consisting of PowerPoint presentations and engaging images and videos, the course aims to introduce letters of the alphabet and matras to facilitate learning basic writing and conversational skills.

Online classes once a week (Dur. 45- 60 min) tailor-made according to need and age

  • Age Group : 6 yrs. and above
  • Group Size : One on one/4-5 students (group)
  • Course Duration (minimum) : 16 classes