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इंसानियत की मशाल सब मिलकर उठाएँ

जश्न मानवता का एक जुट हों मनाएँ 

चलो सब एक हो नया गीत गुनगुनाएँ

प्रेम के संदेश को जन – जन में फैलाएँ ।

~ उषा छाबड़ा 


As a Resource Person

As an Author

As a Story Teller

As a Script Writer

29 MARCH, 1968

M.Phil (Hindi), M.A.(English & Hindi), B.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed

Working with Delhi Public School, Rohini

Conducted Teachers’ Orientation Programmes as Hindi Expert in many schools.


Conducted workshops for teachers on various topics as:

'Developing Creativity in Children'

'Work Ethics'

'Team Work'

'Why am I a Teacher'

'21 Century Learners and Educators'

'Developing Reading Skills in Children'


Conducted  motivating workshops for students on various Life Skills.


Have been actively involved in training children in  theatre.

Undertaken script writings for stage shows of various Annual Day Programmes of the school as well as for Natya Ballet Centre and NTPC.


Wrote the script for a cultural programme in the Vishva Hindi Sammelan 2015, held in Bhopal.

Authored Hindi text books and Poetry Books for children.

Have taken various storytelling sessions for kids at school and Delhi Haat.