Feedback on my sessions from stakeholders-


Feedback of storytelling session held on 3.7.16 at Oxford Book store, New Delhi


Excellent session!! Looking forward to much more!!

-Kanak Gupta, Perianka Gupta


Great session Good learning for children.

-Vikas Arora, Mridu Arora


Children really enjoyed the session!

-Amit Arora, Disha Arora

Really nice and engaging session for my 6 yr. old kid.

-Aishwarya Rajan

It was like a journey down the memory lane. Thanks for such surrealism.

-Karan Tripathi

It was an amazing experience. Learning through stories and enjoying like kids. Had
lots of fun.

-Abhinav Thukral


Very expressive storytelling session. Children and parents got equally engrossed.

-Archana Tyagi