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January 2020

Republic day celebrations at New Road

'A New Road' embarked on a journey to influence positive youth development with 43 young people from various corners of the city. मंथन - first chapter proposed to channelise youth energy to create substantially concrete outcomes. The event took off with a discussion on Swami Vivekananda's life and thoughts by me. A meaningful dialogue with the participants was facilitated by me motivating them to ponder upon Vivekananda's iconic values and principles. 

Lt. Col. Atul Holkar  struck a chord with the youngsters through his insightful, interactive power-packed presentation. He stressed that young people must set right and clear goals and strive to achieve them through tireless efforts.

August 2020

Live session on organ Donation in collaboration with The Organ for Life foundation

A facebook live session was conducted by Organ For Life Foundation on the issue of organ donation. Emphasis was laid upon the need of organ donation and how we can be a part of this.

December 2020

'Christmas Fest 2020'

A four day 'Christmas Fest 2020' was organised for parents and children in which everyday different programmes were planned.

The first day was on 'Happy Gardening'. Some easy tips were given by the resource person Ms. Anu Chhabra. 

The second day was for children and parents on the topic 'Choosing a Career and dealing with Exam Anxiety'. It was taken by Ms. Navinder Kaur Ruprai. Many queries of parents were addressed.

The third day was for adults who were there for storytelling. Beautiful stories were shared with them. It was a lovely evening of stories.

The fourth day was for children where a few stories of friendship, happiness and gifts were shared with them. 

All the events were enjoyed by one and all.

January 2021

Storytelling for 'Tender Hearts' children

The beautiful mountains of Ladakh came alive with the mesmerizing story of Bumboo, the Donkey who wouldn't Move through storytelling done by me in collaboration with STRAW - Stray Relief and Animal Welfare.

The children, about 30 of them including those from the NGO Tender Hearts in Faridabad, listened attentively. They came to know about the night blindness. They also understood how we can be kind to animals. The children also learned some new Ladakhi words!

April 2021

SRCC Community Service

Event - Storytelling session organised by SRCC, Fine Arts Society 

A storytelling workshop was organised by the fine arts society of SRCC college as a part of the Annual Fest of the FAS Society, ARTSIA'21. A storytelling session was conducted for the children of NIPUN and CHILDRENWISE ngos. Around 100 children participated in the event. Three stories were shared with children. It was quite an entertaining and engaging session.