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Workshops for Teachers

February 2018

Teacher's training programme with Anganwadi Teachers

The session was organised by SARD for anganwadi teachers. Teachers were given ideas on how to make storytelling interactive and interesting.

January 2018

Workshop at SARD

SARD organised a workshop with CIET NCERT and Worldreader and Pearson on Digital literacy at NCERT for education and ICDS department. I took the session on techniques of storytelling in which the  principals and teachers of central schools participated.

January 2018

Use of Storytelling in Incucating Values in children

Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” – Henry Ford

Teacher's Training Workshop was taken for teachers of  DCCW. Various activities related to different values through storytelling were done with the teachers. 

Workshop for teachers at Seth M.R. Jaipuriya School, Hardoi

January 2018

If you have knowledge,
let others light their candles in it.

-Margaret Fuller


An initiative for Empowering Facilitators- A work shop was organised by Seth M.R. Jaipuria school, Hardoi  where most of the CBSE schools participated. 
When we talk about the changing trend in education we need to think about the ways of grooming them. The facilitators need to be facilitated with the new and changing demands of the children. The sessions were taken on Lifeskills in teachers, Drama in Education and Importance of storytelling in imparting values in children. It added new ideas and new thoughts, looking the facilitators as new role model.  

January 2018

Teachers Training Programme on Art of Storytelling and its Importance 

"I believe we each walk our paths so we can learn and share those lessons with others. I feel so blessed, recognizing that my life is only a mere extension of my life's purpose." Cynthia E. Mazzaferro

It was an enriching ans satisfying experience to be with the talented and enthusiastic teachers of SARD for two days! Various activities regarding storytelling were done with teachers. Stories all over .....​

February 2018

Teacher's training at Seth M.R. Jaipuria School, Banaras

Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools Banaras, organised a Teachers Training Workshop at Babutpur Branch under their programme 'Edu Gurukul'. The topic was Shaping Future- Creating Champions.

Many teachers and principals from different schools participated in the workshop. Various innovative teaching techniques were shared with the teachers. 

March 2018

Teachers workshop at DPS Rohini on Storytelling

A teachers's training session was taken at DPS Rohini for infant school teachers. The importance of storytelling and various elements of storytelling were discussed. It was an interactive session. Dramatised reading was also done. Check video here

October 2018

Teachers training session at DIET

A teacher's training session on storytelling was conducted for the first year teachers of DIET Motibagh through stories, group activities and discussion. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm.

The glimpse of the session can be seen here

December 2018

Teachers training session at N.K. Bagrodia School 

A Hindi Teacher's Training Session was taken at  N.K. Bagrodia School where the four skills of Hindi Language were dealt with through various activities.