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Workshops for Teachers

January 2019

INSET teacher Training Programme for MCD teachers

A two days Teachers's Training was conducted for MCD Teachers was conducted. Various topics like ways to develop a lesson plan , making the textbook interesting by incorporating activities,developing a reading corner and writing a review of a textbook etc. were dealt with. Various games and activities were planned during the training programme.

March 2019

A Teachers' Training programme was conducted for Hindi teachers of Khaitan Public School, Noida on the topic 'Challenges in teaching Hindi'.

The session was full of activities through which teachers were trained to improve different language skills in their students.

August 2019

Storytelling and Poetry Teaching workshop for Teachers

A workshop on Art of storytelling and its importance was taken for the students of DIET Motibagh. Various group activities were done. 

A glimpse of  storytelling session  can be seen at the following link-

The students were also guided on the art of teaching poetry. Students were given exposure to  various types of poetry. 

September 2019

Workshop for Teachers at D.P. S. Rohini

A workshop on ‘Challenges Faced by the Hindi Teachers' was conducted for the primary teachers of DPS Rohini. The various aims of language teaching were highlighted and how they can be achieved successfully in the classroom using different techniques were discussed. Various strategies such as word games, storytelling etc. were suggested to make classroom teaching interesting and interactive. The different queries about the spelling errors and pronunciation were dealt. Various common mistakes made by the students, were discussed and methods to tackle these were suggested.