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Workshops for Teachers

February 2020

Teachers's Workshop at Disha Literature Festival 2020

It was great to be at Disha Literature Festival 2020 and address the teachers on the issues of 'Challenges faced by teachers while teaching Hindi'. Hindi educators from all  the ten schools of NLK schools attended the workshop.Various issues related to speaking, listening, writing skills were discussed. Teachers were encouraged to read more to the children.

March 2020

A teachers' workshop on the topic Learning is Fun under the programme EDU Gurukul 2020, was organised by Seth M.R. Jaipuria school, Banaras. More than 500 teachers from different schools of Varanasi attended the workshop. Various activities were designed across the curriculum for different classes. It was an interactive session where hands on activities, puzzles, games, experiments etc.were done with great enthusiasm by the teachers present there. 

April 2020

An online teacher training session on the topic 'Art of storytelling and ts importance' was taken for the teachers of Sri Lanka. It was very much appreciated by all the trainee teachers of International English language Centre, Sri Lanka.

April 2020

An online session for teachers and parents was taken by me on the topic "Stories- How and Why" and was organised by NCERT. The session included the various aspects of storytelling, its importance and the methodology of storytelling. 


August 2020

It was great to share my poetry and storytelling skills with the wonderful teachers on the topic 'Making Online teaching interesting with stories and poems'. It was taken in collaboration with Orange Slates. Various methods were discussed to overcome the challenges of online teaching and making them engaging.

Making Online teaching interesting with stories & poems

October 2020

Art of Storytelling & its importance

An online  workshop for the teachers of DIET, Moti Bagh was organised on the topic 'Art of storytelling at its importance'. Various techniques of stories were discussed with the help of stories. The session also highlighted how storytelling improves the emotional quotient of children.