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Story Telling Sessions

Conducts various story telling sessions in Dilli Haat, school and residential society.

January 2017

Outreach Programme at Jaipur Literature Festival



Three days storytelling sessions were conducted at Jaipur under the outreach Programme of Jaipur Literature Festival. It was supported by Pratham books. Six govt. schools were covered. Children enjoyed each and every moment of the sessions. The experience was overwhelming. 

Children of Salaam Baalak trust were happy to see a storyteller amongst them. They listened to all the stories happily and also actively participated throughout the session. Children were motivated to make and enact their own stories. A day well spent with kids, very much satisfying!! 

Storytelling Enactment session at Salaam Baalak Trust

Bhiwani Children's Literature Festival

Once again got an opportunity to be with kids and tell stories! It was Bhiwani Children's Literature Festival 2017 organised by Vidyantriksh school, Bhiwani. Students from other schools were also there. So more children, more fun, more energy! A wonderful experience of visitng this beautiful school and meeting so many children.

April 2017

Storytelling at Delhi Public School, Rohini

Folktales, animal stories, fairytales, environment stories etc. for different age groups were picked up for the sessions for children from classes nursery to V. Children also took part and acted out the stories. It was real fun.

Storytelling session based on Indian Mythology

A storytelling session with enactment was conducted at Oxford Bookstore, New Delhi on 25.3.17. It was based on Indian mythological stories. The audience was a mixture of young and old. Stories of Lord Ram, Hanuman and Ganesha were shared with the audience. Everyone enjoyed the stories. The session ended with a quiz where children and adults participated equally. The theme matched this year’s theme of World storytelling Day 'Transformation'.

March 2017

Storytelling session at Oxford Bookstore on Baisakhi 

Storytelling session was taken at Oxford Bookstore on the theme Baisakhi: It's Different Hues. How various festivals are celebrated throughout India under different names on the same day, was emphazised. The concept of Unity in Diversity was well explained  by weaving various stories around these festivals.The concept of Hindu calender, the importance of the month of Baisakh was also explained with the help of power point presentation.

May 2017

Storytelling session at Oxford Bookstore 

"My mom is my hero. [She] inspired me to dream when I was a kid, so anytime anyone inspires you to dream, that's gotta be your hero." -TIM MCGRAW 

A storytelling session was conducted at Oxford bookstore.The theme was Mother's Day.The stories were woven around the illustrations of the book ABC desi. ABC Desi, a brainchild of Priti Paul tried to revive the dying art with the uniquely painted pages of the book by veteran Bollywood poster painters.

Storytelling session at Kyari Kids Club

Storytelling is a fantastic tool to connect with kids and convey the powerful messages with simplicity. The experience of storytelling at Kyari kids was really amazing on both the days. Curious young learners flew into the sky with Airawat the elephant and took away messages on healthy eating, importance of listening and seeing our special talents. Children made puppets after the story and created their own story. Children had fun listening to stories, acting and creating their own story.  
Both the days were power packed, full of fun and enthusiasm.

June 2017

Storytelling at National Bal Bhawan

Storytelling session was taken twice at National Bal Bhawan during its Summer Fiesta. Many folktales of different countries as well as tales of humour and wit were also shared with kids. 

Summer carnival at Oxford Book store 

Storytelling session was taken at  "Summer Carnival 2017" presented by oxford bookstores. It was a fun filled session.. enacting so many characters of Indian mythology! Children were fully immersed in stories.​

October 2017

Storytelling at Oxford bookstore

"Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.”

― Albert Einstein

2 October is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti. To mark the occasion, inspiring stories from the life of Gandhiji were shared. It was a wonderful evening. Everyone present in the audience was keenly interested to know the various facets of this charismatic personality. ​

November 2017

Storytelling at Wonder room

Wonderoom, a Children's library, celebrated storytelling festival in which many children and renowned storytellers told stories. It was a  great experience.