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Story Telling Sessions

Conducts various story telling sessions in Dilli Haat, school and residential society.

January 2019

Storytelling at World Book Fair 2019

It was fun to be at World Book Fair 2018 at Children's Pavillion telling the funfilled  story of 'A white elephant and the gardener'  to so many children. It was organised by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in collaboration with National Book Trust.

January 2019

Storytelling at BGS Vijnatham School

Children and parents enjoyed fun filled and value based  stories at the Winter Carnival organised by BGS Vijnatham School.

January 2019

Storytelling at Bhiwani Children's Literature Festival 2019

Bhiwani Children's Literature Festival 2019  was organised by Vidyantriksh School Bhiwani .Children from different schools listened to the  inspirational incidents from the life of Mahatma Gandhi. Children were told  how Charkha was used and how it became a symbol of freedom movement. Another session was taken on the topic 'Inclusion' in which various stories were shared with the children on the theme. A book reading was also done with children.

January 2019

Storytelling at National Bal Bhawan 

It was great to be the part of 'Pareeksha pe Charcha' 2019 at National Bal Bhawan organised by NCERT. Children enjoyed all the three stories and somehow could relieve their stress of upcoming exams. 

February 2019

Storytelling at Gwalior

It was great be to the part of the wonderful initiative taken by Beyond classrooms to organise the Art and Literature festival at the heritage city, Gwalior. Stories of legends like Tansen, Rani Luxmibai and Swami Vivekananda motivated the children. Children were enthralled  llstening to the folk tales. Meeting so many children  was real fun. Workshop on creative writing was also taken for the children in which children made beautiful poems in Hindi.

February 2019

Disha Literature Festival, Kanpur 2019

It was a great experience to be at Disha Literature festival Kanpur, organised by NLK Schools.

I was the part of the  Panel discussion on the topic 'बाल साहित्य का  भविष्य और चुनौतियाँ '

An interactive  session on the topic 'Inclusion' was taken. Children were sensitised to the needs of the differently abled children. Stories, book reading as well as a few videos were shared with the children. In another session, different tales of the world were shared with the children.

Click here to have a  glimpse of the panel discussion.

March 2019

Storytelling at Kunzum, Haus Khas

Storytelling session for children and adults was conducted at Kunzum Travel Cafe, Hauz Khas on the occasion of World Storytelling day 2019. Vikas, Usha Chhabra and Chitra came together and presented stories based on Myths, legends and epics. 

March 2019

Storytelling at Magic Tree on World storytelling day 2019

Parents, grandparents and children all sat together and listened to the stories which enthralled each and everyone present over there. The theme was Myths, Legends and Epics. Three storytellers, Kapil Pandey, Raghav Mehta and Usha Chhabra came together and narrated beautiful stories. It was a fun-filled evening.

April 2019

Storytelling with Blabdoodle

A storytelling session with blabdoodle was done in 'For Old Times Sake', Gurgaon in collaboration with Chitra Chandrashekhar. Various folktales were shared with the audience. Even participants also made their props and made a new story. It was real fun.

June 2019

Storytelling at Wonderoom

A storytelling cum language enhancement workshop was organised by Wonderoom during the Summer Camp. Apart from telling two interesting stories, puzzles and riddles were also done with the students to improve their thinking and problem solving skills. It was an interactive session enjoyed by everyone. 

July 2019

Storytelling the 139 th birth anniversary of Premchand

On 31 July 2019, the 139 th birth anniversary of Upanyas  Samrat Premchand, one of the most celebrated Indian  writer (Hindi and Urdu) was celebrated by Noida Lok Manch. Various stories written by Premchand were read and presented. The enactment of the story 'Thakur ka Kuan' was done by me. It was appreciated by one and all present over there.

Storytelling at Pacific Mall 2019

There was a huge turn out and support for Digital Reading on the eve of International Literacy Day's Digital Corridor at the Pacific Mall, New Delhi. The key messages were delivered by Lisa Nitze, US Board Member World Reader, Bhanu Potta, India Board Member World Reader, Dr Amarendra Prasad Behera, Joint Director CIET NCERT, Mr Kulbhushan Sharma, National President of NISA and Dr Imranul Haque, Deputy Director of National Book Trust, India, Sudhir Bhatnagar CEO of SARD. The programme was attended by many parents, teachers and Principals of different SDMC and KV schools.Storytelling and other activities were also planned for children.

I was felicitated by Sudhir Bhatnagar, CEO of SARD in collaboration with World Reader and Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden, New Delhi. for the efforts towards spreading literacy in India through story telling and book promotion. 

October 2019

Celebrating 150 years of Gandhi  


Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated at my apartment as well as with an Ngo'Sarvahitey'. Different snippets from Gandhiji's life were shared with children. Importance of charkha was also explained to them. Various facts about Gandhiji's life  were also shared from the book 'My Gandhi ScrapBook'  by Sandhya Rao and published by Tulika.



October 2019

Storytelling on Diwali 

A special storytelling session was organised for a seven member team of WorldReader from USA.

Various stories related to Dushehra and Diwali were told. Activities such as Diya Decoration and Toran making were also enjoyed by the guests.

December 2019

Storytelling at Shiv Nadar School, Noida

A Doodle Art festival was organized at Shiv Nadar School Noida. Stories from Ramayana and Animal stories were told to children of different age groups in the form of visual storytelling. The session was co -facilitated by Mr. Prasanth who drew the stories simultaneously when the stories were told. 

November 2019

Pitara Festival 2019

A storytelling session at Manaskriti School was held during Pitara Festival. Various animal stories were told to children. 

December 2019

Storytelling workshop for NGOs in collaboration with Food4thought

A storytelling workshop was organised for the children of four ngos in collaboration with Food4thought foundation. Different stories were enacted. The session was followed by various activities in which children were given props, guided words and pictures etc. They were asked to weave stories around these prompts. Children enjoyed the activities and came out with different new stories.