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Story Telling Sessions

Conducts various story telling sessions in Dilli Haat, school and residential society.

Four-day storytelling and story-writing sessions were conducted in National Bal Bhawan during summer break. Different types of stories were told to children. Groups were made and they were given prompts to create and tell their own stories.

Storytelling and Story writing at National Bal Bhawan

Storytelling for children at National Museum

The National Museum, New Delhi houses an outstanding collection of artifacts representing the cultural diasporas of Northeast India displayed beautifully in their gallery. It was a pleasure conducting storytelling sessions in this gallery this summer. Various stories of different northeastern states of India were shared in the gallery as well as in the auditorium. Many activities were also designed. Children from various NGOs also participated actively in these storytelling sessions.

July 2022

Various elements of storytelling were explained to school children, bringing the characters live in the online session taken at Sacred Hearts School, Kalyan. A few stories were told and then children were encouraged to craft their own stories.


July 2022

On the occasion of the Foundation Day celebration, a storytelling session was conducted at the MCD School, Saraswati Vihar. The children of the whole school enjoyed the stories.

Storytelling for children

Storytelling session at MCD School, Saraswati Vihar

Storytelling session at Sat Paul Mittal School

October 2022

It was fun to be at Ludhiana's prestigious school, Sat Paul Mittal School and tell stories related to Diwali! So many children sitting in the school's beautiful auditorium and listening to so many is an experience in itself.

October 2022

Storytelling session at G.D Goenka, Dwarka

A storytelling session was organised for the students of G.D. Goenka, Dwarka.The young Goenkans were exposed to the basics of theatrical movements, voice modulation, intonation, facial expressions and the rhythm of storytelling.