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Story Telling Sessions

Conducts various story telling sessions in Dilli Haat, school and residential society.

26 January, 2021

A storytelling cum discussion was held on the topic 'Bravery'. Courageous stories of Baba Bhim Rao Ambedkar, 'The forest man of India', the mountaineer Tine from Arunachal Pradesh etc were shared. Children also shared their stories. A good discussion was also held.

January 2021

It was a great feeling to share stories with so many people in the audience. Three different stories were told keeping the central topic as 'fear'. A discussion was also held about the various types of fears we have and how we can address those fears.

January 2021

A storytelling session was organised for children on Vishwa Hindi Diwas. Two folktales were shared with children. Children also shared their stories. It was quite an engaging session.

Storytelling for Teenagers and Adults

Storytelling session for children

April 2021

Discussion on Storytelling

A discussion was held with Vaishali Chakravarty of Joy of Drama on the topic 'Preserving Mother Tongue through Storytelling'. It was emphasised that we should talk to children in their mother tongue in their primary years as it helps in their cognitive development. Storytelling as a tool really helps a child bond with his/her parents and understand basic concepts in a better way.


May 2021

A storytelling session for Pinkishe Foundation was done on the topic 'Mother and motherhood'. The session was enjoyed by around 80 children. It was great to see how children talked about their mother's qualities and considered her as a hero of the house. Beautiful stories of animals were also shared. 

July 2021

Storytelling session at HDFC PUNE

Storytelling sessions were done for classes V, VI and VII for the students of HDFC.

Stories of different genres were told. Children were laughing and giggling throughout the sessions. 

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May 2021

Five storytelling sessions were conducted for children on different topics such as Lord Ganesha's legends, Lord Krishna tales, Humorous tales, Indian Jungle tales and Indian Folk tales. They were interactive sessions and children and parents enjoyed them a lot.