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Story Telling Sessions

Conducts various story telling sessions in Dilli Haat, school and residential society.

February 2018

Storytelling session at Oxford bookstore

A storytelling session was taken on  'Different shades of Love' at Oxford Bookstores. Various stories and poems were shared with the audience. Rashmi Trivedi  (a renowned author of the book 'Woman, Everything will be fine')  and Jayant Uppal (a renowned author of the book  'Power of Love') also shared snippets of their writings on love. 

March 2018

Storytelling session at DPS, Rohini

Storytelling sessions were taken at D.P.S Rohini for Classes II to V. Folktales, mythological stores and value based stories were told to different classes.

April 2018

Storytellers meet

A round table meeting for interaction with guest storytellers Nazlı Azazi, Jessica Wilson and storytellers from Delhi along with visiting professors from Turkey was organised by  Jamia Millia Islamia University in association with  Yunus Emre - a public foundation of Turkey ,working for the promotion of culture.

It is always a pleasure to tell stories in the National Bal Bhawan Assembly during Summer Fiesta! Thousands of children just listening to the folktales. Beautiful experience! Check video here.

Storytelling session at National Bal Bhawan during Summer Fiesta assembly

June 2018

A storytelling session was taken at National Bal Bhawan during Summer Fiesta,  in which various stories were told to the children. It was amazing to see so many children sitting for such long and continuously listening to the stories. 

Storytelling session at National Bal Bhawan

June 2018

The session was held at  Kiran Nadar Museum of Art where veteran artist Vivan Sundaram's exhibition 'A Retrospective: Fifty Years'  was put up. The exhibition showcased  the waste produced in the cities .In continuation with this, a storytelling cum workshop was taken for children  to develop sensitivity towards our environment and how we can manage our waste. A few stimulating pictures and videos were  also shown . 

Storytelling cum workshop session on Waste Management 

June 2018

July 2018

Performance Storytelling at Playground Creative House 

Folktales from different countries like India, Japan, China and South America were enacted. The audience enjoyed the stories thoroughly.

August 2018

Storytelling at Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

KNMA celebrated the belated birth anniversary of renowned author of Hindi and Urdu, Munshi Premchand which falls on 31st July with the children of CEHRO India, an NGO based in Munirka Delhi.It was an hour long session of storytelling of Premchand’s four well-read stories. The children enjoyed the animated narration and responded enthusiastically. Later the children also participated in storyboard making workshop, where the young children drew from their imagination but taking from Premchand’s stories itself.

August 2018

Storytelling at National Museum

It was really a great experience to tell glorious stories of Indian maritime at navy gallery of National Museum. An altogether different experience!!

September 2018

Storytelling at DPS Rohini

Storytelling cum workshop on waste and its management was conducted  for children of classes II and III at DPS Rohini on the occasion of World Literacy Day. The stories कचरे का बादल by Pratham books and मोत्ताइनाइ  दादी माँ by NBT were narrated. A video showing the menace of Plastic was also shown. Children were motivated to reuse things and reduce waste.

Mythological stories are always liked by one and all. To celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi, stories of Ganesha were told to the students of class I of DPS Rohini.

Storytelling at DPS Rohini

September 2018

To commemorate the 149th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a storytelling session was conducted for the children of Vidya Vistar Central Delhi  at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

Everyone listened with rapt attention to the stories about Gandhiji's childhood, ashram days and his contribution towards our freedom struggle. 

Storytelling at Nehru Memorial and Library

October 2018

That storytelling has always captivated the young and old equally .Storytelling has amazing power to impact young minds. An engaging, interactive storytelling session was conducted  at Bapu Khagol Mela, Nehru Museum. Mahatma Gandhi's  ideology was shared  in a simple yet effective way for children to connect with, in contemporary times.  From enacting Gandhi's walk and talk to spinning the charkha, it was ensured that children imbibe the  traits of discipline, hard work, humanitarian service, co-operation etc. View here for video

Storytelling at Bapu Khagol Mela

Storytelling at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

As a part of the series "Bapu's Heritage बापू की विरासत - सद्भावना' celebrations at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, the storytelling session on the ashram life of Gandhiji was conducted for children of wonderoom. Many incidents from Gandhiji's life were narrated.The rules of Sabarmati ashram were also explained to children.


प्रतुल वशिष्ठ आपकी पूरी प्रस्तुति ही बेहतरीन रही। छोटे बच्चों की भागीदारी देखने लायक थी। गांधी द्वारा बनाये आश्रम के नियमों को सरलता से समझाना लाजवाब था। आपने बच्चों को जिस प्रक्रिया से ध्यान के अभ्यास से जोड़ा देखने लायक था। आश्रम की सुबह, प्रार्थना सभा में बच्चों को पहुँचाकर उनके अनुभव सुनना जादूभरा था।

Storytelling at Katha Karnival

Katha Karnival was organised by Blaze Academy at Prayagraj. Many storytellers were invited from all over India.Sessions on Mythological tales, folk tales and sessions for parents on Importance of storytelling were taken. 

Storytelling at Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

The life history of Indira Priyadarshini was explained with the help of stories, ppt. and documentaries. The letters of Jawahar Lal Nehru to Indira were also read. Children also wrote letters as Indira writing to her father. 

November 2018

November 2018

Storytelling at a Birthday party

A storytelling session was conducted at a birthday party. Many humouros and witty tales were shared. Children and parents both had quality time together.

December 2018

Kanpur Booknuts Literature festival

It was great to be the part of two days festival at Kanpur organised by Nutspace in collaboration with Chintel School! Delighted to see so many children listening to the stories throughout. There were five sessions all with different topics, different age groups.