It is often found that kids who struggle with writing in Hindi start to lose interest in the language. The fundamental problem in most cases is a lack of clarity in understanding matras which form the basic building blocks in the Hindi language. This course is aimed at kids who are facing this challenge. Divided into eight modules, the course aims to make kids confident in writing Hindi by making Hindi appealing and fun. They are eased into learning the language through storybook reading, poems and songs, picture descriptions and using animation and videos. Assignments are given as fun exercises that kids enjoy doing. They are gradually taught to use the correct matras and build a solid foundation in Hindi.

Age Group: 7 yrs. and above

Group Size: One to one (Individual)

Course Duration: 8 classes


Abeer enjoyed every minute of the course. Thank you so much for your valuable time, we really appreciate it as it has made things easier for him. He feels he is way much better with Hindi spellings now and this course has made a huge impact on his Hindi.

-Ms. Divya Baluja

My daughter did matra enhancement class with Usha ma’am and I give her generous 5 stars. She gives exactly what a child wants, strong foundation of the language in an easy way. She is very patient, open minded and her classes are very very interactive.

Ma’am clears the basics of Hindi language very well with which the understanding of the language improves and spelling mistakes minimize. 

The child is able to finish the exercises on her own without zero intervention, definitely the way one should learn hindi. Looking forward to do more classes with ma’am.

-Richa Bhojnagarwala

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