Storytelling in today’s day and age is not an additional but a required skill for any teacher to have. Teachers in the modern world are competing with all kinds of technologies for the attention of students. My course trains teachers for this challenge, by equipping them with techniques to make students attentive in their classes. This is primarily approached in two ways. The first is by encouraging them to use as many stories as possible in their everyday teaching. The second is through inculcating an orientation to apply the basics of storytelling to what they teach. This means structuring their everyday lessons like stories, where they aim for specific goals. Teachers are given training in the proper use of body movement, gestures, voice modulation, and puppets. This helps teachers in making their classes lively and engaging, while also making sure that they manage to hold their students’ attention for the duration of the class. They are also encouraged to experiment with new technologies.

I have taken teachers’ workshops on the ‘Art of Storytelling’ for Trainer’s Tribe, World Reader, SARD, CBSE Bharat Sahodaya Complex, DCCW, Save The Children, NCERT, Doordarshan, and S.Chand Publishing and have trained thousands of teachers across India.

Topics on which sessions are conducted –

Art of Storytelling

Telling stories with confidence

Teaching various subjects through storytelling



Telling stories with confidence

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