09 May

My Interview At RadioplaybackIndia

Dear friends
I feel really honoured today to have my interview, taken by Mr. Sajiv Sarathie, broadcast on radioplaybackindia.com, a leading Hindi blog in podcasting. Mr. Sarathie is a connoisseur of the Hindi Language and Literature. He has carved a niche for himself as a Hindi poet, writer and lyricist.
Special thanks to Anurag Sharma ji without whose support this would not have been possible.
Pl listen the interview at the following link .
बोलती कहानियाँ में आज, उषा छाबड़ा (Usha Chhabra) से वार्ता कर रहे हैं, रेडियो प्लेबैक इंडिया के सजीव सारथी (Sajeev Sarathie)

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