27 Dec

Storytelling Sessions held at Serendipity Arts Festival 2023

The Serendipity Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts event held annually every December in Goa. The festival is a long-term cultural project that hopes to instigate positive change across the arts in India on a large scale. Spanning the visual, performing and culinary arts, the Festival’s programming includes music, dance, visual arts, craft, photography, film, and theatre. The festival addresses pressing social issues such as arts education and pedagogy, cultural patronage, interdisciplinary discourse, and access to the arts. This year, The Locavore is a part of this initiative and push forth the message of ‘Doing Good Through Food’ by fostering community engagement and dialogues around sustainability. Curating the Culinary Arts segment, Locavore’s goal is to rekindle the relationship between people and the food they consume, centering the stories and lives of local food producers, culinary traditions, lesser-known recipes, and forgotten heritages. Stories on the themes ‘Food and Community’ as well as ‘Food and Humour’ were told to the audience. Props and various food items along with music made the sessions interesting and musical. Hands on activities were also done at the end of each session.

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